Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday evening - cooking adventures with kids

Saturday, Feb 14th 2009

Today, it was a sunny day in Athens.
After picking up N. from her English Course we walked around Kolonaki square for a while.
N. enjoyed a fresh juice and a tomato cheese and turkey baked sandwich, we bought fresh coriander for our weekend cooking games and returned home.
In the evening we made home made pizza. My kids love to cook and pizza dough is one of their favorite things to make. We decided to make pizzette so everyone of us could choose the filling.
For the kids we made the usual tomato mozzarella pizza, an easy and delicious italian recipe.
For me and DA this time I went for a new adventure, and I prepared my own recipe, a potato, onion, sausage, rosemarine and parmesan pizza!!
...Well pizzette were great!
Tommorrow I will do my best ( I am an amateur for the moment..) to post some photos and the recipe..
Thank you google for giving me the chance to create a blog
Have a super Saturday my friends!!

Vi Kay and family

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