Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday afternoon at Gazi (Kerameikos ) area

Today it was a lovely sunny day in Athens. It was one of these days you really want to spend some time outdoors, to feel the sun, to wak, to drink some wine, etc etc.

Now we have the Carnival period in Greece. People dress us and go to parties.

My daughter N. had to attend such a party so she put her Japanese Kimono and went with a friend of ours and her daughter.

D.A. and I decided to go out for lunch, so we took our daugther A. and went to by subway to Gazi (it means gas in greek- I will do some research about the old gas factory which operated there in the past and post the info in the near future)

It has become a very trendy area in our days, attracting all shorts of people : clubbers during night, families Saturday and Sunday afternoons, etc.There are many trendy restaurants, cafes, tavernas..

There are new built lofts too, and many people , especially artists, architects, advertisers, buy or rent appartments (rather expensive) in Gazi area.

We went to a place called "Kanella" (it means cinnamon in greek). It is a trendy and modern tavern, serving traditional greek recipes ( usual stuff greek mothers cook at home) with a modern touch. Some plates are really spicy for kids, but the kind staff informs you so.

We had some really good eggplant salad, lentils with carrots and feta cheese, pork with mushrooms, and home made french fries.

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